Spanish for Kids – Risas y Sonrisas

Risas y Sonrisas - Spanish program for children

Developed y Leticia Smith

Risas y Sonrisasuses a variety of presentation methods to keep learners motivated, enthusiastic and engaged.

Songs, games visuals and multimedia all play the key roles in the learning experience. Students build a basic vocabulary around categories (i.e.  colors, numbers, verbs, opposites, family, body parts)

Students learn key phrases and how to ask and answer basic Q&A related to the unit they are learning. They are introduced to basic grammar including masculine & feminine, verbs, personal pronouns and tenses, and the use of the verb “to be.”

This program is designed to teach Spanish to children over 3 years.

Duration: Sessions of 60 minutes twice a week. Flexible schedules.

Group: 3 children maximum

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